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*All services include bond builder, toner, haircut & blow-dry styling.

Color Refresh, Haircut & Blowout:

Starting at $105


Touch up, Haircut & Blowout: 4-8 week touch up, refresh, haircut and blow out.

Starting at $145


Double Process: 4 week double process touch up. (lighten & tone)




Mini Highlight: A few strategically placed foils around the hairline and/or part. This is an easy way to add a touch of brightness to your existing color or blend outgrowth between Highlight appointments.

Starting at $225


Partial Highlight: Foils focusing around the hair line and top layers of your hair. Perfect to add some brightness or dimension. Also great for in between full full highlights. 

Starting at $250

2 1/5 hrs


Full Highlight: From subtle to high contrast multidimensional color is created by using a variety of foiling techniques.

Starting at $315



Mini Babylight: (Money piece) Micro, thin highlights in the face frame for an optimal lighter and brighter look.

Starting at $250

2 hr

Partial Babylight: Micro highlights for optimum lightness on sides and top of hair. (Normally in between full babylight) 

Starting at: $285

2 1/2 hrs

Full Babylight: Micro highlights all over to create an overall lighter look with a soft grow out. 

Starting at: $350


Partial Balayage: Free hand highlights that frame the face and the top layers of your hair towards the ends. Perfect for those new to balayage and as a touch up in between your full balayage.

Starting at: $265 2 1/2 hrs

Full Balayage: A hand painted technique used to create "lived-in" highlights, soft brightness, and looks that grow out without a harsh line.

Starting at $350

3 1/2 hrs

Color Correction: Fixing undesired hair color or going 2 or more shades (globally) lighter/darker than the color of your hair. This requires a complimentary consultation.

Starting at $300 

4+ hrs



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